Upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop Integration from v.1 to v.2

To successfully install the Biller Genie Sync Manager, your account must first stop syncing with the Web Connector application.

Be sure you're logged in to your QuickBooks Desktop account with Admin access and in single-user mode.

Removing QuickBooks Web Connetor. 

Step 1

From your QuickBooks account click on File > Update Web Services to open the Web Connector application. 

Step 2

Click Remove to remove the Biller Genie profile from the Web Connector application. A pop-up window will appear to confirm you'd like to remove the application, click Yes.

Step 3

Go to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences > and select to Remove Biller Genie Web Service > click OK to save your changes. 

Reconnecting to QuickBooks Desktop with Biller Genie Sync Manager. 

If you’re using a server, log in to the server, as the Biller Genie Sync Manager must be installed on the server.

Step 1

Open QuickBooks and login as Admin in Single-User mode to the QuickBooks company you wish to integrate with your Biller Genie account.

Step 2

Log in to Biller Genie. Navigate to Integrations > QuickBooks Desktop V2.

This will open up the QuickBooks Desktop page. 

Step 3

Click the Download Now button under Step 1 and install the Biller Genie Sync Manger. 

Step 4

Select the downloaded Biller Genie Sync Manager .exe file and follow the guided steps from the Install Wizard.

Step 5

Go back into your Biller Genie account. Click Generate under Step 2 to create your agent token.

Step 6

Click on the small icon below the generated token to copy it into your clipboard.

Step 7

Paste the copied token into the BIller Genie Sync Manager app and click Save.

Step 8

Go back into your BIller Genie account and click Connect under Step 3. 

Step 9

Open back up QuickBooks. Go through the pop-ups to grant Admin permissions to the Biller Genie Sync Manager. Select the option to enable when QuickBooks is closed. If multiple users are listed, select the Admin user.

Congratulations! Your Biller Genie account is now connected to QuickBooks Desktop. 

Allow a few minutes for the sync to jump to Sync in Progress, which will be seen on the top ribbon in your Biller Genie account.

When the first sync is complete, you’ll be able to see the sync timestamp and see the sync interval (default is 60 minutes).