Changing Biller Genie Password

There are two ways you can change your Biller Genie password.

Option 1 - Forgot Password Link

Step 1

Go to the Biller Genie Login Page

Step 2

Click Forgot password?

Step 3

Enter in your email and click Reset

Step 4

Locate the Reset Password email sent to you and click the provided link.

Step 5

Create your new password and click Reset.

Step 6

Click Click Here To Login.

Step 7 

Login with the newly created password. 

Option 2 - Inside Biller Genie 

Step 1

In the upper right-hand portion of Biller Genie, click your Name, then select My Profile

Step 2

Click Edit. 

Step 3

Enter your current password, new password, and confirm the new password. Click Update User.