Using Reminders

Biller Genie can automatically send reminders for your invoices & other communications.

Step 1 

Select Add-ons, then click Reminders.

NOTE: If Reminders does not appear within your Add-ons, you will need to install it.

Step 2

Each Reminder takes the exact action that is listed.

Upcoming Payment
Send this reminder to your customers any number of days desired before the invoice due date. 

Payment Due
Sends a reminder to your customers on their invoice due date to ensure timely payment. 

Payment Overdue
We'll remind your customer that their invoice is past due. Send a reminder as often as you'd like until you receive payment.

Upcoming Late Fee
Let your customers know they will be penalized if payment is not made. Add as many reminders as you'd like here, to notify customers a week or 3 days before a late fee is applied. 

Customizing Reminder Messaging 

Step 1

To customize the messaging to meet your voice and brand, click the drop-down arrow

Here you can add custom text, change the color of the message’s icons, and merge in data fields including:

  • Customer Display Name
  • Customer Business Name
  • Customer First Name
  • My Company's Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Late Fee Amount
  • Late Fee Date
  • Customer Portal Link

Customizing Payment Overdue Reminder Frequency

You can also customize the frequency at which the Payment Overdue reminder is sent. 

Recurring Reminder

To set up a recurring reminder, select Recurring from the drop-down. 

Select the frequency you want the reminder(s) to be sent.

Determine whether the reminder is sent after the Due Date or a Specific Time.  If you choose a specific time, you must enter the number of days late. 

Finally, choose whether to stop the reminder after the invoice is Paid or a Specific Time.  If you choose a specific time, you must enter the number of days late. 

One Time Reminder

To set up a one-time reminder, select One time from the drop-down. 

Then enter the number of days after the due date the reminder should be sent.