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Create a Payment Schedule

Create a schedule to receive a recurring or one-time payment on a specific date, without requiring an invoice.

From the main menu click on Reports and from the drop-down list select Schedules. Click Create Schedule

Next, begin typing in the name of the customer you would like to create a schedule for.  As you type, the customer's name will auto-populate in the drop-down menu. Select the customer. 

 Then, choose the preferred payment method for the transaction.

Enter the payment amount.  

Select the frequency the transaction should occur - for example, just once, every 7 days, or monthly.

Next, decide how long you would like to have the recurring charge occur. You can have it continue until the schedule is canceled or you can charge them a certain number of times. 

Finally, you can send receipts to yourself (the merchant) and the customer by clicking the toggles from Off to On.