Resolving QuickBooks Desktop Sync Errors

If your sync status displays an error message, here is a list of common errors and how to resolve them.

QuickBooks Desktop Sync Errors 


Error Code:

Error Message:

How to Fix the Error:


Agent has errors. It might be busy or it's unreachable.

Restart your QuickBooks & restart your Biller Genie Sync Manager


Error running request


An unexpected error occurred during the sync. Please try again, & if the problem persists, contact support.


QuickBooks is not responding, please try again.


Could not start QuickBooks.


QuickBooks file was not found


An internal QuickBooks error occurred while trying to access the QuickBooks company data file.


Another request is in process.


A modal dialog box is showing in the QuickBooks user interface. Your application cannot access QuickBooks until the user dismisses the dialog box.

A pop-up box is currently open within your QuickBooks.

Please close the pop-up to allow the Biller Genie Sync Manager to run.


A QuickBooks company data file is already open & it is different from the one requested or there are multiple company files open.

A different QuickBooks company file is currently open & is blocking the sync.

Please close this other QuickBooks company file to allow the Biller Genie Sync Manager to run.


The user you are trying to log in with is already logged in from another machine.

A user is currently logged in as the QuickBooks admin.

The user will need to log out of the admin account in order to allow the Biller Genie Sync Manager to log in & sync.


This application is unable to log into this QuickBooks company data file automatically. The QuickBooks administrator must grant permission for an automatic login through the Integrated Application preferences. If such permission was already granted, the administrator must revoke permission, save preferences, then grant the permission again.

Please follow these steps to regrant QuickBooks Desktop permissions.


Insufficient permission level to perform this action.

The Biller Genie Sync Manager was not downloaded on an admin account.

Please see the minimum requirements for syncing Biller Genie with QuickBooks Desktop & reach out to support to help you resolve this issue.