Add a Generic Payment Form to your Website

Your Payment Page is a white-labeled page with your logo and branding where you can accept payments.

Payments made through the Payment Page are independent of any invoice, therefore they will not be attached nor reconciled to an invoice, even if an invoice number is entered. You can however attach a one-time payment to invoices at a later time (see Attach Invoice to Transaction and Detach Invoice from Transactions).

The payment page also includes a Fraud Settings feature, which allows you to enable or disable fraud protection. When enabled, this feature automatically checks if a specified number of similar transactions have been run via your payment page. If this threshold of similar transactions is met, the payment page will automatically shut down, a notification will be sent to you, and our support team will be alerted.

You can use your unique Payment Page URL in emails, PDF documents, newsletters, or anywhere you choose. Also, set your payment terms and conditions so that your customers are informed.

Add a Generic Payment Form to your Website_screenshot