Inviting Customers to the Customer Portal

In order to keep your customers information safe and secure, they must be invited to create a username and password to access your Branded Customer Portal. 

To access your Customer Portal link, navigate to Control Panel > Customer Portal

How to send invitations to the Customer Portal:

Go to Customers > Select the Customer > Click on the Customer Portal tab. 

If the customer has never been invited, you will see the option for Send Invitation

  • If the customer has been invited but not yet set up an account, you will see the option for Resend Invitation.
  • If the customer already has an account, you will see their email address listed under the Customer Portal Username.

The invitation email is titled Welcome to the Customer Portal. The customer will click the link in the welcome email to set their password.

A second email will be sent to confirm their email for their account, and then they can log in to the portal. 

  • If your customer reports not receiving the Welcome Email or the Confirmation Email, please be sure they’re checking the same email we have in their customer profile and check their spam folder.