Configure General Settings

How to configure the general settings in Biller Genie.

In the Main Menu, click on Control Panel > Settings.

Here you can configure Biller Genie to your preferred settings.

Enable Swipe

If you would like to use a payment terminal with Biller Genie, toggle to “yes”.


Enable Partial Payments

This setting allows you to provide your customers with the option of being able to make a partial payment on an invoice. If set to “No”, customers are required to pay the full balance.


Merchant Email

Enter the email that will receive sales receipt every time a payment is processed. This email will also receive customer notifications such as when they update their payment method, or their card has expired.


Invoice Email

Enter the email address you would like displayed on your invoices. This is also the email that will receive any replies to one of your invoice reminders.


Email Merchant Receipts

Here you can select whether you would like to suppress sales receipts and customer notifications, by toggling the option Yes or No and Saving Settings.


Email Sync Notification

Sync notifications will be sent to your email when your account has failed to synchronize to your Integration for a few days. You can choose to enable/disable these notifications by toggling the option Yes or No and Saving Settings. You can also set the frequency of these emails by setting your sync notifications.