Setting Customer Defaults

This article explains how to set your customer settings on a global scale and individually.


You can set your customers' settings from the Control Panel > Customer Defaults menu. Settings saved here will affect all of your customers. 



After your initial sync, you can update your Invoice Reminder settings for all customers.

Select the Reminder Type you'd like to Update > Change the Value to specify if this will be on or off for All Customers > Click to Set the value to all customers. 


If you want to change these settings for any particular customer, go to the Customers list (Customer > Select Customer by clicking on the ID or Display name). 

You'll have access to edit all your customer information such as contact info, customer portal settings, and Auto Pay settings. 

You can also take the following actions for any customer within their profile: 

-Create a Transaction 

-Store a Payment Method for Auto Pay

-Review Schedules

-Check customer Invoices 

-Review Transactions and Reminders History

To edit General Settings >  Advanced Options > Edit on the bottom right

Click Update Your Customer after applying changes. 

To edit Reminders > Reminders > Click Edit on the bottom right

Click Update Your Customer after applying changes.