Bulk Pay

Biller Genie now gives you the option to pay your customers' invoices in one lump sum transaction. 

Step 1 

Click Invoices from your customer’s profile to view all their open invoices. 

Step 2 

Toggle from No to Yes to select the invoices, you would like to process a payment for and click checkout. 

Step 3 

The checkout page will have all your customer’s information, the list of selected items for payment, & the option to select their existing payment method or add a new card. Click Create Transaction to process your payment. 

Payments processed via Bulk Pay will appear flagged in blue under your All Transactions Report. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payments processed via Bulk Pay cannot be refunded in Biller Genie and any credit/refund due to a customer will have to be provided by the subscriber directly via an alternate method.