Authorizing ACH Processing

Biller Genie's ACH Authorization Process

In order to ensure a seamless payment experience using ACH, we first verify that all transactions are properly authorized within Biller Genie before processing. This helps our subscribers avoid disputes and chargebacks.

Biller Genie also supports e-signatures and electronic transmission of ACH authorization forms using the merchant portal.

There are two ways to store ACH accounts for payment. 

Option 1: Merchant Portal

Step 1

From the main menu, go to customers and select the customer you would like to add an ACH account for.

Step 2

Click the stored payments dropdown and select add ACH account. 

Step 3

Enter the account information. 

When adding an ACH account as a stored payment method, Biller Genie will automatically send an email notifying the customer with a link that will direct them to the customer portal. Once logged into the customer portal, the customer will be able to sign their ACH authorization form

Once the authorization form has been signed, it is saved, and the ACH account can be used as a payment method for future transactions, without requiring another authorization form. 

Option 2: Customer Portal

Customers can store ACH accounts as a payment method through the customer portal.

After entering their ACH account information and clicking save, your customers will receive the authorization form to sign. 



After clicking on the start or click here to sign section, a drop-down menu will reveal itself where they  type their signature; additionally, they have the option to draw out their signature:

Once applied, the signature in the ACH form reveals a click to sign button. Once clicked, an email address is required to receive the signed authorization form via email.



Once the authorization form has been signed and approved, the ACH account will be stored in the Vault of the customer portal. 

If your customer missed the auto e-sign prompt, they can simply click on the Vault and "Authorize" the saved ACH payment on file.


Once the ACH authorization is stored on file, both you and your customer will have access to process all future transactions on the ACH account without having to request subsequent authorization forms.